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Inscryption Cuckoo Clock Guide

Fighting through a tough deck-building roguelike card game is central to Inscryption, but if you want to make real progress in the game, you’ll need to uncover the many secrets hidden in the cabin in which the card game takes place. You’re free to get up and explore, and doing so will give you hints as to the deeper story taking place and how you might escape the frightening, homicidal opponent who insists you keep playing.

One big element of the winding chain of puzzles hidden in the cabin is the cuckoo clock hanging on one of the walls. You can adjust its hands with a few buttons, but without a sense of what time to set it to, you’ll struggle to open the clock’s two doors. Solving those puzzles is key–one isn’t necessary to progress but can be very helpful, while the other is essential. To find the clues you need, however, you’ll need to solve a lot of other things, too.

Here’s everything you need to know to solve the cuckoo clock puzzle in Inscryption. For more about the game, check out our Inscryption beginner’s guide, and our guides for opening the safe, solving the sliding puzzles, and freeing the caged wolf.

How To Open The Top Clock Door
While opening the bottom door of the cuckoo clock is an involved endeavor that requires solving just about every other puzzle in the cabin, there’s a second puzzle in the clock that you can solve anytime. Keep working your way through the puzzles of the cabin and you’ll eventually find a bottle with some green goo inside–goo that, for some reason, has a face. If you get the bottle of goo and try to use it in battle, your opponent will place it on the a shelf. You can then interact with the goo some more, and it’ll even give you some clues.

Eventually, under the right circumstances, the goo will suggest you can open the clock by moving the hands to the right time. If you’d rather not wait, however, here’s the solution:

Set the clock’s hands to 11:00.

The top door of the cuckoo clock will reward you with the Ring, an item that doesn’t have any ostensible use. It’ll come in handy later, though–in the run-up to the fourth boss fight against your opponent, you’ll get a chance to earn some special boons that will give you an edge in the battle. To get those boons, you have to pass “trials,” which all have different requirements. One trial might ask for you to draw three random cards with a total Blood cost of more than four, for instance. But one trial just asks if you’re currently wearing a ring. If you opened the cuckoo clock before reaching this point, the Ring Trial is an easy win.

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