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How To Open The Bottom Clock Door at Inscryption Cuckoo

The second cuckoo clock puzzle is more difficult to solve, mostly because the steps leading up to it are much more involved. This one’s essential for advancing the story in Inscryption, however, so you’ll need to do it if you’re hoping to escape your fate in the cabin.

You’ll need to complete pretty much all the other puzzles in the cabin before you’ll have what you need for the cuckoo clock puzzle. If you’ve got the Knife, you’re ready to proceed. If not, check out our other guides to help you:

Once you have the Knife, you’re ready to proceed. This is one of the better moments in Inscryption, however, so if you’d rather figure out the use of the Knife yourself, this is a good point to quit reading.

If you’re still here, we’ll assume you’re okay with spoilers.

Free the Caged Wolf card and you’ll gain access to the Wolf statue in the cabin, which you can then place next to the Squirrel statue beside the door. When you do that, you’ll unlock the Knife, which gets added to your inventory of items for use during your card battles. Head back to the table and play the game until you can get into a fight with the opponent.

You can use the Knife to swing a fight to your advantage. Like the Pliers, the Knife lets you sacrifice part of your body to tip the scales in your favor, quite literally. When you use the Knife, you’ll cut out one of your own eyes, which you then drop on the scales. The eye is pretty heavy, giving you four points of damage in your favor, which is great if you’re losing a battle or just want one to end quickly.

To advance the puzzle, you’ll need to use the Knife and either win the battle or lose with two candles lit, so that you aren’t immediately killed. After the card battle, the opponent will offer you a new eye to replace your old one. Choose the glowing eye in the top left corner and you’ll gain the ability to see invisible ink, with which someone has left you messages.

Use The Eye On The Clock, From here, the solution is easy. Get up from the table and head to the clock, and your new astral eye will show you some invisible paint markings that have been left on the clock’s face. Those markings show you where to put each hand of the clock. Line up each one, and the bottom clock door will open.

Inside, you’ll find the Stunted Wolf, the last of the three talking cards in the cabin, and a Film Roll. With that, you can potentially use the opponent’s camera against him. First, however, you need to get it–and that means beating him once and for all. You’ll need to fight through four different boss fights in the card game to reach that point, but now that you’ve solved all the main story puzzles in the cabin, you’re free to do so. There’s one more you might want to finish, however: the painting puzzle.

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