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Inscryption Cuckoo Clock Guide

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Fighting through a tough deck-building roguelike card game is central to Inscryption, but if you want to make real progress in the game, you'll need to uncover the many secrets hidden in the cabin in which the card game takes place. You're free to get up and explore, and doing so will give you hints as to the deeper story taking place and how you might escape the frightening, homicidal opponent who insists you keep playing. One big element of the winding chain of puzzles hidden in the cabin is the cuckoo clock hanging on one of the walls. You can adjust its hands with a few buttons, but without a sense of what time to set it to, you'll struggle to open the clock's two doors. Solving those puzzles…
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How To Open The Bottom Clock Door at Inscryption Cuckoo

Games, News and Technology, Sport
The second cuckoo clock puzzle is more difficult to solve, mostly because the steps leading up to it are much more involved. This one's essential for advancing the story in Inscryption, however, so you'll need to do it if you're hoping to escape your fate in the cabin. You'll need to complete pretty much all the other puzzles in the cabin before you'll have what you need for the cuckoo clock puzzle. If you've got the Knife, you're ready to proceed. If not, check out our other guides to help you: Once you have the Knife, you're ready to proceed. This is one of the better moments in Inscryption, however, so if you'd rather figure out the use of the Knife yourself, this is a good point to quit reading.…
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